The Triple Grip Clutch for KTM 50cc (2009-2024)

This Clutch will Absolutely make your Stock or Modified KTM or Huskvarna TC 50 (2018-24) Come Alive!!

 The Triple Grip 3 Disc Clutch is specifically designed for the 50cc KTM and Husky TC50 Bikes.
This fully CNC machined clutch is made from state of the art materials to provide the racer with superior performance reliability and longevity. The Exclusive Intuitive Racing’s Carbon friction discs are the latest proprietary technology capable of handling the higher temperatures created by the stall speeds of the 50cc Stock and Modified Bikes.

This combination provides a clutch that is capable of transferring the torque to the rear wheel for that Hole Shot!

The Triple Grip clutch is much smaller in diameter for less rotating mass. Triple Grip clutch weighs about 7 ounces lighter than the factory KTM clutch allowing more horsepower to go directly to the rear wheel.  Accelerating a larger and heavier clutch absorbs more energy than a smaller and lighter clutch.  This reduces available horsepower to the rear wheel. Every time the young rider rolls on the throttle the principle is applied especially since the 50cc engine has limited horsepower.



Owner's Manual

Click here for a complete guide for installation as well as tips regarding maintenance and trouble shooting

Cobra Vyper Clutch

Introducing IRP’s new Cobra Vyper 3 Disc 50cc Clutch!
Increase your Cobra’s performance with superior Disc Clutch technology
Smaller diameter for less rotating mass
Carbon Fiber Frictions provide quality results with less maintenance
Almost triple the friction surface area for absolute lock up
IRP’s lever design creates smooth and predictable engagement
All Billet construction and made in the USA
Designed for 2014-2024 Cobra 50cc Motorcycles and Quads